How It All Began

With the completion of the Stoneleigh Estate at the end of the thirties, Stoneleigh Residents’ Association, originally formed in 1933, took on a new importance as it provided a focal point for both the social side for the new householders and also a forum where local problems could be discussed and solved by local people.

The most important aspect was that the Association should be completely non-political in every respect. Before very long Residents’ Association candidates were being elected to Epsom and Ewell Borough Council which led to it becoming one of the only three truly independent councils in Great Britain.

The council is still in that position today and the resolve of the Residents’ Association councillors to remain independent has not changed since the original concept was drawn up. However, life changes and in the run up to the local elections in 2003, central government decreed that all independent candidates had to be registered as political parties, irrespective of their political – or non-political – standing.

Because of the high cost of individual registration, Stoneleigh Residents’ Association decided to join forces with other residents’ associations in the borough and register jointly as Residents’ Associations of Epsom and Ewell (RAEE), under whose banner our councillors are elected.

In 2006 the Association changed its name to Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association to reflect the fact that it represents residents from both Stoneleigh Ward (south east of the railway) and Auriol Ward (north west of the railway).