Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association (SARA) was formed in 1933 so that the people of Stoneleigh in Surrey, England could have a non-political voice on Epsom and Ewell Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

Our five Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association borough councillors are part of the majority group of independent Residents’ Association councillors that leads your borough council. Our two county councillors represent you on Surrey County Council.

Your Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association councillors will always be pleased to hear from you on any local government matter that you may require their help and assistance with.


Our March magazine is available in electronic format only due to the risks involved in distributing paper magazines by hand to all households in Stoneleigh and Auriol in the current climate. Although the Government has said that local magazines can be delivered, we have taken the view that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Please share this page with your friends and neighbours and spread the word that the magazine is available to download and read.

We have been asked to provide a version of the magazine that can be printed. The main version is formatted to appear nicely on the screen in a 2 page layout. The version below has single A5 pages.

If you want to print out a copy of the magazine for yourself, use the booklet option available in most good PDF viewers.


Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association believes that

  • Local people, who do not have a political party agenda to fulfil, should make local decisions, about local issues.
  • You, the resident, should be able to tell us what concerns and affects you, and our Residents’ Association and elected RA councillors will do their best to advise and represent you.
  • Residents should be kept informed about what is happening in Stoneleigh and the rest of the borough. To keep residents in touch with local matters, Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association has its own website and also publishes a quarterly magazine, The Resident, which is distributed free to our 2,500 member households.

We can’t promise you that you will always get the result that you want! Our borough council does not have power over issues managed by Conservative-controlled Surrey County Council – such as transport, roads and schools, or by central government such as housing and building policy – but we can lobby and speak on your behalf.