Residents' Association Councillors Scrap Pay and Display Proposals in Epsom and Ewell Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 21:19

On Tuesday 11 October Surrey County Council elected a new leader who has bowed to pressure and changed Surrey County Council’s policy on Pay and Display. He announced that he is no longer insisting that Pay and Display schemes be introduced throughout Surrey. The new policy is that Local Committees (comprising the local county and borough councillors) have the freedom to decide whether or not to introduce pay and display without interference from the Conservative leader and his cabinet.

The very next day your Residents' Association county councillors (who have a majority on the Local Committee) met with Surrey County Council highway officers and scrapped all plans for Pay and Display throughout Epsom and Ewell with immediate effect. Thanks to the actions of your Residents' Association councillors, this means that Pay and Display will not be introduced in Stoneleigh Broadway or Station Approach.

This is a huge victory for our local traders, businesses and residents who have campaigned long and hard against this policy. It is a pity that the change of policy did not come with an apology from the new leader for all the stress, additional work and inconvenience caused to our local community over the last year.

Your Residents' Association County Councilor David Wood and Borough Councillors Mike Teasdale and Pamela Bradley have fought the local Conservatives' plans for Pay and Display since their announcement by Surrey County Council and we are delighted that our campaigning has been so successful.

Conservatives in Library Disarray Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 September 2011 19:27

The split within the local Conservative party over libraries and car parking charges has thrown Conservative-run Surrey County Council into disarray with the departure yesterday of its leader, Andrew Povey, following the dismissal of deputy leader David Hodge on Monday.

Residents have been bewildered recently by Conservative borough councillors campaigning against car parking charges in Stoneleigh, while the Conservative MP has voiced his support of the scheme and Conservative county councillors dreamt up and championed the scheme in the first place.

Local anger among residents has  taken its toll, with the dismissal of Conservative deputy leader David Hodge, who was the architect of library closures and pay and display parking charges.

The real fear now is that library closures and car parking charges will be irreversibly rushed through by Conservatives before their power vaccum in the cockpit of the county council is filled.

Residents are urged to show their support of local libraries by joining a protest by the Surrey Library Action Movement at 2pm on Tuesday 27 September at County Hall in Kingston. In the words of John Bond, Communications Officer:

"Take the day off work, cancel your dentist appointment, take friends in your car - tell everyone.  We must stop the lirary plans - we must stop Surrey County Council - we must act NOW!"

Quality Line - Fare Changes Print E-mail
Written by Huw Barrington   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 16:12

Epsom Coaches have advised the Association of fare changes which came into effect on Saturday 3 September. It is reported that these changes are necessary following huge increases in operating costs and reductions in the subsidies received, including fuel, tyre and spare parts costs, employers national insurance increases, reductions in the level of reimbursement for carrying senior citizens and the disabled free of charge, the impending reduction of 20% in the Bus Operators Grant for road fuel tax and insurance to cover an increasing number of personal liability claims, together with the cost of fighting the many spurious ones.

In addition, ongoing environmental and health and safety legislation has increased the operating costs of Epsom Coaches, to an extent that they believe that an increase in fares is inevitable. They have delayed such increases until now and believe that previous fares were artificially low and significantly below the cash fares charged on competitor services, including Transport for London routes that run in parallel with the local Surrey buses: the current London cash fare being £2.20 and likely to increase again in January 2012.

Routes E5 and E9 have a flat fare structure with one fare being charged regardless of the length of journey. However, route 408 has a more complicated fare structure with 69 possible fare combinations! Epsom Coaches have therefore taken the opportunity to simplify the fares down to two stages on this service; they expect the effect of this to even out depending on the length of journey.

Route E16 already has a flat fare of £1.80, therefore will not be affected by this change.

Route E5 - Watersedge, Longmead, Epsom.
New fare £1.80 (was £1.40)

Route E9 - Clarendon Park, Livingstone Park, Manor Park, Epsom.
£1.80 (was £1.20)

Route 408 - Epsom, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Cobham.
£1.60 and £2.00 flat fare (was 69 fare stages) no longer to offer return fares

Route E16 - Stoneleigh, Ewell Village, Epsom.
£1.80 (no change)

Children - Half adult fare

Senior Citizens and Disabled - Free travel after 09.30.

Helping people switch to digital TV Print E-mail
Written by Samantha Page   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 20:45

Paralympian Eleanor Simmonds receives Switchover Help Scheme demonstrationAs you may be aware, the traditional signal in the London TV Region is being switched in April 2012.

4 April 2012 – BBC2 analogue is switched off

18 April 2012 – Remaining analogue channels are switched off

The Switchover Help Scheme is run by the BBC and provides older and disabled people with practical help to switch one TV to digital.

The Help Scheme can help everyone who

  • Is aged 75 or over, or
  • Has lived in a care home for six months or more

or gets (or could get):

  • Disability Living allowance (DLA) or
  • Attendance or Constant Attendance Allowance, or
  • Mobility Supplement


  • Is registered blind or partially sighted.

What does the Help Scheme provide?

  • Easy-to-use equipment.
  • An approved installer to supply and install the equipment.
  • A 12-month aftercare service including a free helpline.

There is an all-inclusive cost of £40 for the standard option or for eligible people on pension credit, income support, income-related employment and support allowance or income-based jobseeker’s allowance, it’s free.

How we can work together?

Although we write individually to all eligible people about the Switchover Help Scheme, we also know people often need to hear about things from more than one place before they take action. Others may not fully understand the impact of switchover, including how the switchover will affect their ability to watch TV.

We are keen to raise awareness among local communities and are working with trusted organisations to make sure that no one is left with a blank screen at switchover.

We can provide (all free of charge):

  • Help Scheme awareness training for your organisation and employees.
  • Tailored Help Scheme training for any of your employees and volunteers who go into people’s homes to deliver your service or for anyone who would like to “champion” the Help Scheme in your organisation.
  • Help Scheme literature and material for you to distribute to your employees and service users. Information is provided in different formats on request; such as Braille, large print, audio CD, BSL DVD, easy read, story board and in ten different languages.
  • Organise local Help Scheme events, or attend as a speaker at events you may already have planned or are planning.
  • Provide editorial for inclusion in any of your newsletters, websites and other publications.
  • Help you work on and support a programme or activity aimed at increasing awareness of the switchover to digital TV for your organisation and service users.

If you want to get involved please contact Aydeé Burke, Regional Project Coordinator on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 07949877327.

For more information visit

For general impartial advice about switchover please visit or call 08456 50 50 50.

New non-emergency number for Surrey Police Print E-mail
Written by Fruzsina Toth   
Sunday, 04 September 2011 20:12

A Surrey police officer talks to a motoristA new non-emergency telephone number to contact Surrey Police came into effect from 1 September, providing a new way for people to get in touch about issues that do not need an emergency response.

The new 101 number is going live as part of a national drive to make it easier to contact the police and report crime and disorder. While 999 is a well recognised number to report emergencies, the 2010 British Crime Survey found that only 54% of the public know how to contact their local police if they want to talk to them about local policing issues, crime or anti-social behaviour.

Not only does the new number give the public one easy and memorable way to contact the Force and report non-emergencies but, for most people it is significantly cheaper than the 0845 number it replaces. It costs 15p to call 101 for the entire length of the call, no matter how long it takes or what time of day it is. This applies to both landlines and mobile phones, while calls from telephone boxes are free.

The geographic number – 01483 571212 – will remain for customers who may be unable to use the 101 service (for example, those calling from abroad).

As well as making the police more accessible to communities, it is hoped that 101 will reduce the number of inappropriate 999 calls, allowing the Force to respond to emergencies more effectively.

Superintendent Sue Lampard said: “On average, the Surrey Police Contact Centre receives 361 999 calls a day but only about 19% of those require an emergency response from the police.

“999 should only be used in a real emergency, that is when a crime is happening, when someone suspected of a crime is nearby or where someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.

“For all other matters such as reporting less urgent crime or disorder, contacting police with a general enquiry or speaking to an officer the public should contact Surrey Police on the new 101 number.”
You can also report minor crime online, or visit your local police station or the Surrey Police mobile unit. For more details visit

Call 101 or 01483 571212 for all non-emergency policing matters.
Call 999 if you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police (eg a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger).

Call independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information about crime and don't want to leave your name.


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